The Sustainability Floor of Pinon 1 West

The Sustainability Floor is part of the College of Natural Science Learning Community here in Laurel Village. We're a floor dedicated to sustainability. Residents who live on this floor have the opportunity to take on and dive-in to some different projects, programs, and initiatives throughout the school year - and beyond. The floor is only as old as Laurel Village (this will be its' 4th year) and has been growing ever since then. The floor features some unique aspects that make it truly one of a kind. Some of the photos below give a little more perspective.

The Floor at a Glance

Upcoming Events

Here's some of the upcoming events you can expect to see!
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Wednesday, August 16th

CNS Welcome Event

Wednesday, August 16th

Ram Welcome

Thursday - Sunday, August 20th

Sustainability at CSU

Colorado State University is among the most highly regarded when it comes to sustainability, and we're very proud to say it!

CSU is ranked #1 by STARS, a transparent organization that guages an institution's efforts towards Sustainability. CSU is the only University or institution to be given a Platinum rating, and we've received it two years in a row. The effort that CSU puts forth certainly shows! Take a look at for more info about CSU's dedication.

Whether it be our solar farm, industrial composter (Oscar!), 42 departments conducting research related to sustainability, or our Platinum-rated bike-friendly campus, CSU has made a statement that sustainability is a top priority.

So, what's the Sustainability Floor all about?

More detailed info below.

About your floor and floor leadership

Photo Gallery

The Sustainability Floor has held numerous programs and events.
Take a look at some of them in the photos below!

Get Involved

Green Warrior

Green Warrior

Green Warrior is a campaign held by the Eco Leader program here on campus, in the Fall. The goal of the campaign is for you to consider your everyday habits and how they impact the environment

You can find more info here. The campign begins about mid-Spetember, so keep your eyes out!

Eco Leaders

Eco Leader

The Eco Leader program is an on-campus organization that raises awareness of sustainability in the residence halls. There is an Eco Leader living in every residence hall on campus (the Eco Leader of our hall, Saphyre, lives on our floor).

They hold numerous events and campaigns that you can get involved in, just reach out to Saphyre or Luke!

Want to know more?

You can reach out to Luke or Hannah via email, or find us on the floor!
Luke's email:
Hannah's email:
The Sustainability Floor also has a committee that is open to the community. Interested? We meet at 7pm on Mondays in Pinon 131, see you there!